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EBRD Eastern Partnership Investment Summit

On November the 21st, 2019, Wave Industries participated in the EBRD Eastern Partnership (EaP) Investment Summit.

Joint Venture Signing

Within the schedule of the summit there was an official signing ceremony, on the joint assembly and development of electric buses in the UK.


For Reference

The UK Government has announced plans for electric vehicles implementation – by 2040 it is planned to ban the sale of the vehicles with NGV fuel. London will decommission single-deck buses using NGV fuel by the end of 2020. Zero Emissions zones will appear in a number of large cities in the coming years, for entry into which a substantial fee will be charged from conventional vehicles. British Prime Minister B. Johnson announced the implementation plan for a pilot project to launch exclusively electric public transport in one of the UK cities.

In general, the British Government is developing plans to stimulate the population of British cities to use public transport instead of persona vehicles. Along with this, measures are being taken to develop electrical technologies, including financing of research and development, creating a national battery production, and investing in international joint projects.

During the Zero Emission Summit, organized by the UK Government in September 2018 in Birmingham, 12 countries supported and signed the final Declaration of the Summit. The Declaration implies the active cooperation of participating countries in reducing emissions through the implementation of electric transport and the development of appropriate infrastructure.

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