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The 'Our Future Moves' Exhibition

As part of Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 a number of pioneers in transport innovation including Wave Industries, have been given the opportunity to showcase their thoughts on the future of transport circa 2050. The purpose of the ‘Our Future Moves exhibition’ is to reflect through design how transport and technology sectors may look in the near future.

2050 Hydrogen Concept Truck


Wave Industries have developed a Hydrogen Concept Truck, modelled around intercity transport of cargo. The key feature of our truck are the deployable autonomous drones which are designed to receive and deliver items along designated routes. As well as the drones, the vehicle itself can also become fully autonomous. This makes for a greener alternative to the transporting of cargo. The exaggerated wheelbase and outboard wheels combine to ensure that all available vehicle space is fully optimised.

Solar panels are placed along the length of the roof. The technology harnesses solar energy throughout the working day supporting features such as the plug and play battery system. This feature provides a quick exchange of batteries on the go.

The exhibition showcases an array of innovations and technology, designed by a wide range of partners working within the transport sector. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the exhibition at the Coventry Transport Museum and witness first hand world-leading transport innovation.

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