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We Are On The Road!

At Wave Industries we have been busily working over the last few months preparing for the imminent roll out of our zero emission vehicles.

The E420 as shown above is currently our leading product within the 400 Series


After exhibiting our zero emission 400 series bus at the NEC Coach and Bus Show in October 2019, we successfully completed the VTEC test at Millbrook Proving Ground in March 2020 and awarded the ULEB Certificate (Ultra Low Emission Bus). This certificate has enabled LowCVP to include the Wave 400 series in their recommended low emission bus guide. Following the ULEB certificate, on September 1st 2020, Wave achieved UK certification from the UK DVSA for the bus, setting us up on the path to volume manufacture. Our first customer will be trialling the new 400 series over the next 3 months, further details of which will be announced in the coming days. Wave is already preparing the installation of our overhead pantograph charging station in anticipation of the trial start. Additional to the new bus range, Wave is now offering bus operators an electric powertrain system as a retro fit for fleets of existing diesel vehicles. This system gives a zero emission solution enabling operators to deliver a low emission fleet to market quickly, and within constrained budgets. As well as the work around the 400 series bus we have been continuing to further develop our range of 20 to 45 seat buses, including a customised battery system, dynamic induction charging technology, smart autonomous anti-viral technology and a new hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain. Alongside the development of the bus range we are underway with plans to launch a range of zero emission commercial vehicles from 7.5 through to 18 tonnes. We are pleased to announce that we have secured an European grocery retail partner who will be working with us to optimise the vehicle in preparation for long term trials in 2021. We very much look forward to sharing further exciting updates with you over the coming weeks. Watch this space!

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