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The 400 Series electrobus is a two-axle low floor vehicle equipped as either a plug in (battery) solution or with supercapacitors. Both technologies can deliver and average of  250 miles daily operational range.

400 Series

Length - 9.5 Meters

Length - 12.2 Meters

Length - 18.5 Meters

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300 Series

The 300 Series is a continuation of innovative development in the field of electric buses with a traditional layout. Available as either a plug in or using a  supercapacitor system. Both technologies can deliver an average 250 miles daily operational range. The electric bus is ergonomic, manoeuvrable, mobile and high performance.

Length - 9.5 Meters

Length - 12.5 Meters

Length - 18.75 Meters

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The trolley bus is a continuation of the 300 & 400 Series, compact and ergonomic, these are best suited for inner city routes. These models are unique and safe due to the placement of power equipment on the roof in hermetic compartments.

Length - 12.25 Meters

Length - 18.75 Meters

Length - 12.5 Meters

Length - 18.75 Meters

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T Series

The T-Series includes a variety of low-floor, single or bidirectional trams, of various lengths, best suited for inner city routes. Some models offer articulation while others are better for high intensity traffic.

Length - 28.2 Meters

Length - 15.6 Meters

Length - 15.7 Meters



The first electro bus model to be made available for sale in the UK under the Wave Industries brand is the 400 series product, rebranded and certified for the UK market. In October 2019 the product was showcased at the Coach and Bus UK at the NEC, Birmingham where it drew much attention and received several expressions of interest. The bus is available in three different lengths, 9.5M, 12.5M and 18.5M, and can be configured as either an electric battery powered version (with overnight charging) or a supercapacitor (opportunity charging).

The 300 series is currently being developed in RHD configuration and available mid 2021. UK target assembled 30% local supplier content by 2022.


The Wave Industries Trolleybus and associated infrastructure is a highly regarded and proven design, with over 4000 units currently in operation. Similar to the Wave Industries Electric Bus models, it is a modular platform and it is available in a number of lengths and configurations to suit particular routes and urban environments. The Wave Industries Trolleybus can be specified with ‘autonomous run’ which allows significant distances to be travelled without an overhead line.


The Wave Industries Tram and Light Rail series is a highly regarded and proven design, with over 350 units currently in operation. It is a low floor modular platform and is available in a number of lengths and configurations to suit particular routes and urban environments. Available models include single and 3 part articulated vehicles in both single direction and bi direction running formats. The Wave Industries Tram and high Rail solutions can be specified with 'autonomous run' which allows significant distances to be travelled without an overhead line.